Dismantling Democracy: Insecurity, emotions and authoritarian populism

ISPP's 2024 Annual Meeting

4 - 6 July 2023

Join us for ISPP's 47th Annual Scientific Meeting!

Meet the Team

Catarina Kinnvall

Lund University, Sweden

ISPP, President 

Molly Andrews 

University College London

ISPP, Program Co-chair 

Neil Ferguson

Liverpool Hope University

ISPP, Program Co-chair 

Siugmin Lay

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

ISPP, Program Co-chair 


To capture the diversity of ISPP there are 12 sections with designated Section Chairs, as you can see below. Section Chairs are responsible to review all conference submissions made to their designated section. 

1. Dismantling Democracy: Insecurity, emotions and authoritarian populism | Héctor Carvacho, P. Universidad Católica de Chile; Ana Figueiredo, Universidad de O'Higgins, Chile

2. Conflict, Violence, and Terrorism | Gary LaFree, University of Maryland; Emma O'Dwyer – University of Greenwich

3. Intergroup Relations | Sammyh Khan, Örebro University; Shelley McKeown Jones, University of Bristol

4. Leadership and Political Personality | Tereza Capelos, University of Southhampton; Luca Bernardi, University of Liverpool

5. Political Behavior, Participation, and Civic Engagement | Robert Klemmensen, Lund University; Julie Hassing Nielsen, Lund University

6. Public Opinion and Political Communication | Nikhil Sengupta, University of Kent; Joe Philips, University of Kent

7. Political Culture, Identity, and Language | Jill Bradbury, University of Witwatersrand; Aura Lounasmaa, Tampere University

8. Social Inequality, Social Change, and Civic Development | Jim McAuley, University of Huddersfield; Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Huron University College

9. International Relations, Globalization, and Macropolitical Issues | Ted Svensson, Lund University; Nina Chrickel-Choi, Lund University

10. Race, Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion | Mastoureh Fathi, University College Cork; Pablo de Tezanos-Pinto, University of Limerick

11. New Theoretical and Methodological Developments | Neil Ferguson, Liverpool Hope University

12. Spanish/Portuguese| Pasko Kisic Merino, Karlstad University

***Please note that talks in the Spanish/Portuguese section can cover any topic relevant to political psychology. However, presentations must be delivered in either Spanish OR Portuguese, and there will be no live translation.  If you plan to submit within this section, please ensure that your presentations meet this language requirement. Additionally, for panels/roundtables within this theme, presentations must be entirely in Spanish OR Portuguese.

We encourage you to make a submission to the 2024 ISPP Annual Meeting but we also welcome attendees who simply wish to observe the conference! If you plan to present or if you wish to attend the meeting as an observer, you can check the Registration Webpage for details and information regarding the registration process. 

Contact Us

For questions regarding the submission process, scheduling, and other matters related to the content of the program, please contact the 2024 Program Committee (Second e-mail listed below). For questions regarding the venue, lodging, and conference logistics, please contact ISPP's Central Office (First e-mail listed below). 


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